247Books Services

Get a dedicated financial expert to handle all of your bookkeeping needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

Peace of Mind

You’ll get a highly qualified and experienced financial expert, so you can rest assured your financial data is in good hands. Proper bookkeeping is necessary to avoid IRS issues, overpayment on taxes, and other issues.

Financial Clarity

With accurate financial data, easy-to-understand reports, and a dedicated expert who’s always available to walk you through the numbers, you’ll be able to:
=> Make Informed Business Decisions
=> Easily Track Key Trends and Metrics
=>Raise Funding
=> Impress Your Board of Directors

Save Time

Never spend another hour recording transactions, paying bills, running payroll, or sending invoices.


Everything that needs to be done to maintain proper financial records. This includes recording and categorizing transactions, reconciling accounts, month-end and year-end closing, and other important tasks. We sync the accounting software with most major banks and payment platforms to automatically import financial data in a secure, efficient way.

Set-up Or Clean-up

If your books need to be set up, cleaned up or caught up, give us a call. However bad the situation is, don’t worry: we’ve probably seen worse. We’ll get your books sparkling clean and up-to-date in no time.


With 247BooksService, payroll is a breeze. Includes federal, state, and local payroll filings and tax payments (in all 50 states). Set up direct deposit, paid time off tracking, and multiple pay rates easily. W-2s (for employees) and 1099s (for contractors) are included. You can even add on health benefits administration and workers’ compensation insurance.

Bill Pay

In addition to recording and tracking your unpaid bills, we can issue payments on your behalf. We’ll follow your guidelines for when to pay which bills, from which accounts, and so on. You can add an authorization step to approve individual payments before they are issued. You choose the authorization method: either log in to a simple, easy-to-use online dashboard, or confirm payments via SMS.


Getting paid shouldn’t take a ton of work. We’ll prepare invoices based on your guidelines. We can even follow up with your customers about late payments as needed (via email and/or phone). If payment reminders need to be sent, our team will follow templates and call scripts that we’ll confirm with you at the outset.